Dark0 / Eternity CD (1st edition)

Screen printed disc with blue polycarbonate underside.
Widespine jewel case with holographic sticker on front.
40 page concept art booklet on 135 gsm art gloss paper.

1 : Eternity 
2 : zeroGen 
3 : Infinite Edge 
4 : Nova Bridge 
5 : Shining Star 
6 : Born From Decay
7 : Storm_Earth 
8 : Wait For Me 
9 : Promise 


Album / Release: Eternity
Release Type: Album
Date of release: 04/06/21
Label: YEAR0001
Producer: Davor Bokhari
Songwriter: Davor Bokhari
Additional Mixing: Alex Evans
A&R / Project Lead: Emilio Fagone
Mastering: Robin Schmidt
Vocals ‘Shining Star’: Barbara Braccini
Vocals ‘ Eternity’: Kristina Florell
Art Direction: Victor Svedberg
Illustrations: Conor Chignoli
Product Manager: Kim Karlsson
Digital Marketing: André Jofré
PR / Marketing: Robert Zillén
Web Development: Anton Strandqvist
Video 'Wait For Me': CESTAINSI
Video 'Shining Star': Sybil Montet