Varg²™ / Nordic Flora Series, Pt. 6: Outlaw Music 2x12" / Purple-Black (1st pressing) (Pre-order)

*This item is on preorder and is scheduled to ship mid May, 2024. Any order containing this item will ship complete at that time.

2x 140g purple-black 12" vinyl.

Gatefold jacket, printed inner sleeves, printed protective PVC outer sleeve, etched D side.

A1 :  Venom of Ages / (愛は死よりも冷たい) ft. Golin
A2 : Heaven Bound Blue Magic ft. Rx Papi
A3 : Hitty ft, Thaiboy Digital
A4 : Shatter / Outlaw Music
A5 : Star ft. Joon Gloom
B1 : Lucky ft. Earth & Eartheater
B2 : Illusions 1996
B3 : Pose1don ft. Joon Gloom, Woesum, Yung Sherman
B4 : My Childhood Trees (Star 2) ft. LEYA
C1 : F Flow LMKNOW
C2 : Is there a place in heaven for boys like me? ft. Bladee & Skrillex
C3 : Under No God ft. Soho Rezanejad & Spöke
C4 : H2D ft.Bladee & Ecco2K
C5 : Skenet ft Ecco2K